Monday, November 20, 2006

The Best Dad and Husband

After a long hard day of work Shawn came home took a shower, ate dinner and then cleaned up the mess from dinner. After that was done he played with the kids. Him and Celeste made a car out of a box and Shawn pushed her around the house. Then Trevor had a turn. Shawn is always putting his family first. We love him sooo much!


Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

Praise the Lord for good husbands! Did you see the 30 day challenge I put on my blog? You should go to the website and check it out. If you're up for the challenge you will get an email every day with one new thing you can do to be a blessing to your man. I like it!

Jess said...

I did see the challenge. What a good idea! Thanks Kelly.