Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks Dad

Shawn and I purchased a used shed from a women in town for $200 (which I thought was an awesome deal). We wanted to turn it into a hen house, but had no idea how to do it.

My dad is the greatest. He always goes above and beyond to help his kids, no matter what the need. Tuesday he spent his day working hard building a deck - and I know he was extremely tired, but he came out to our house anyway to help erect our hen house. I've always admired his handiness and our family has lovingly nicknamed him MacGyver (from the old TV show). He has always been able to make something out of nothing, and it almost always works wonderfully. Trevor and I sat watching dad while he workd and Trevor clapped at his Poppy while he was sawing.

The henhouse nesting boxes, perches, run and mini door were all done within an hour thanks to my dad. Our chicks now have a safe area to peck and scratch outdoors, cozy boxes to lay their eggs and their very own ladder to perch upon. Thanks dad for always being there for us, your life time supply of eggs will be coming in about 4 months.....

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