Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sarah's Wedding Weekend

My sister Sarah finally got married this weekend! I don't have pictures from the wedding yet, but here are a few from the rehearsal dinner and my moms house. The first picture is of my niece Fiona. She is the cutest little peanut. I was so sad to see her go! The next picture is Jason, Wendy and Fiona. Wendy is expecting her second baby some time in the early spring.
Lindsey is holding Aiden (drool monster) and Fiona. Aiden is his dads mini-me!
The next picture is of all the grandkids. Ahhh ain't they cute :)
Lasty is a picture of Celeste practicing "her walk" for the wedding. She did a great job as the flower girl, except for snapping her bouque in half while trying to swat a bee away during the ceremony.

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