Thursday, February 07, 2008

Scratch Diapers From The Grocery List

Its official....Trevor is potty trained at 16 months. He has went the past two days wearing big boy underpants with no accidents. He comes to me and tells me poo poo and potty. He even past the test of staying dry while out and about. My friend Carly watched him today while I went to the dentist and he stayed dry for her and afterwards we went to get groceries and he still stayed dry. I think what really got him going was the M&M's my mom gave us (she's the queen of those things). I rarely give my kids sweets, so when Trevor started getting them for going on the pot he quickly realized this potty thing was worth it. Yeah, no more changing poopy diapers!

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The Texas Feldpausch's said...

Wow......tricking your son to take a dump with candy! What happens when he gets to be 8 years old and 300 pounds? Are you gonna give him a steak dinner every time he doesn't mess his pants?! I miss that chunk!