Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Neck Family

The kids and I had the funniest morning with Grandma Thelma and Herold. A few weeks ago I asked her if she would come over and show me how to butcher a chicken because I had way more eggs than what I needed. She came over today to get the job done. I had told Celeste about it way in advance to get her prepared for what was coming. Thankfully, Herold did the "dirty" work and whacked the heads off. Then all four of us pulled off feathers, gutted the insides and cut up the meat. Grandma was hysterical - she kept laughing at the faces and comments Celeste was making. Even though it was kind of gross, Celeste learned a lot about chicken anatomy and the egg making process (each chicken had several eggs inside of her that were in the developing process).
Oh, and another funny thing....Grandma had on a pair of these hilarious looking shoes she had bought at Vinnies. They must have had absolutely no tread, because when we were walking to the coop to get the chickens she slipped on the wet grass and fell down in slow motion. At first I wasn't sure if she was crying or laughing, but when she rolled over I realized she wasn't hurt. We all laughed for awhile over that one.

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Crystal said...

This so reminds me of my family!!! Definately got a good laugh!