Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are closing in on the second month of went by so quickly! Its been so fun being able to teach Celeste at home. We have a great time together. I overheard a conversation Celeste was having with a little boy at church a few weeks ago....The boy says to Celeste "I hate school, its so boring, all we do is sit and color all the time." Celeste gets this look of shock on her face and replies to him "I LOVE school. Its so fun. We learn about letters and read books...." and she went on to tell him all we do. I thought that was awesome that she would say that. It just cemented in my mind that we made the right choice for our family!


Kelly Glupker said...

Are you using a curriculum?

chodgkiss said...

Kudos, Mom! I knew you would do a great job & make it fun for her! I am so happy for you!

Our Family said...

I'm using a curriculum for Bible, reading and writing...I wish I hadn't spent the money on it though. Its actually too easy for Celeste. Its teaching her basic phonics skills and she has been reading since last year. I do my own math and science.