Monday, December 07, 2009

Kentucky Weekend

Our family drove to Kentucky for a long weekend trip to see my cousin Kelly and her family. We all stayed together in a cabin and had a great time. The kids got along great and the adults got to laugh at Shawn's ankle's and talk about how often we pooped. I also realized this weekend that I am still really good at doing impressions. I used to do a really mean Michael Bolton.
All kidding aside, I really appreciate the time that I got to spend with the Glupkers. They are an encouragement to me every time I am around them. They love the Lord and want to raise their kids for him. They truly are an awesome family.


Kim said...

No captions with the pictures??? I would like to know why you are carrying Kelly. I am sure there is a funny story to go along with these pictures.

chodgkiss said...

Yeah, what in the world are you doing to your poor cousin!!!
Looks like you guys had a good time.