Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have been wanting to make a compost pile for my garden and found an idea in a magazine for using recycled wood pallets. We had several behind our pole barn to use and so today the kids and I set out to build one. It was pretty hard work dragging those things across the yard to set up next to the garden, but what a sense of accomplishment when I dropped the last one! After setting them in place and nailing them together I let the kids have some fun with them and paint whatever they wanted on the sides. They painted for at least an hour and had so much fun doing it! Afterwards Celeste and I started to fill one side. I shoveled in the horse manure (good times) and Celeste threw in old straw and plant waste. She is such a little worker bee and almost never complains when I ask her to help me with chores. She made a game out of our job and was racing back and forth to see who could fill the most!
I think my not so cute but free compost bin is going to work very well and I am looking forward to putting my organic fertilizer on our garden!

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