Monday, July 25, 2011

A Thankful Heart

One of the things I want to instill most in my children is a thankful heart. I believe that people that are truly thankful for what they have are the most happiest and joyful people to be around. It is so sad to see a spoiled, complaining kid pouting because they are not thankful. I remind our kids often to say thank you. We also talk about the nice things others have done for us and how we should always try to show our appreciation. We have a rule at our house that if you start to complain or get negative you have to name five things you are thankful for. I am always amazed at how this can transform a rotten attitude. It is hard to complain when you remind yourself of all the great things God has done!

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Sarah said...

Love this Jess! I like your blog (we have the same design...what is that saying about great minds?) lol Just kidding, seriously glad to be in touch!