Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Miserly Mom

I was at the library last week and I found a book called Miserly Mom. It was a book that gave tips on how to live on one income in a two income world. After flipping through the chapters I decided that it might be worth the read and checked it out. I have to admit the title kind of stinks, I prefer "Frugal Mom" or "Wise Mom" to Miserly Mom, but to each his own! It ended up being a great book that gave LOTS of helpful tips. I would recommend anyone trying to save a buck here or there to read it. Here are some recipes that I am going to try...

Cheap Finger Paint

Put a few drops of food coloring with inexpensive shaving cream and mix.

Drain Cleaner

1/4 Cup Baking Soda
1/2 Cup Vinegar (Vinegar seems to have a million uses!)

Pour baking soda down drain. Pour vinegar in drain. Tightly close the drain. Let rest a few minutes. Flush with boiling water. Repeat until clear.

Wall Cleaner
1 Gallon Hot Water
1/2 cup borax

This will really come in handy if it works. My kids can really grub up some walls.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Sprinkle with baking soda, then pour in a little vinegar. Scrub with a brush. For tough stains make a paste of borax and lemon juice and let set overnight.

This got me thinking of a time that my Grandma Thelma asked me to come and clean her house because she had been working so many hours. I went to clean the toilet and couldn't find a brush anywhere. When my grandma got home I asked her about the brush and she said I didn't need a brush and that she scrubbed her toilets with a wash cloth. My grandma must have loved the look on my face because she laughed and laughed. Sorry Grandma Thelma, I love you with all my heart, but NO WAY am I cleaning the toilet bowl with just a cloth!

Window Cleaner

2 Cups Water
2 Table Spoons Ammonia


Tammy said...

I really like that book! There are several recipes in there that are awesome, the cinnamon roll recipe especially! We don't have "Cinnabon" shops here in Michigan, but they are a copycat of their delicious cinnamon rolls. I make them every Thanksgiving, for breakfast! Yum!

Our Family said...

Oh, I didn't pay any attention to that recipe! I will have to try it. I love cinnamon rolls!