Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've Rounded 3rd and Headed For Home

I am now at 32 weeks pregnant and I wish I could say I'm feeling great and everything is running smooth. For a few months now I have been feeling ugh and just thought it was part of pregnancy and the fact I am in my 30's having baby number 5. Two weeks ago I had some routine blood work done and found out that my iron levels are at a 7 (between 12-16 is normal). The nurse from my OB office called and said she didn't want to alarm me but that this can be dangerous for me and went on to explain all it meant. She ended the conversation with "Haven't you been tired??". You could say! Now that I know I am so anemic it explains a lot! Extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, leg cramps that would make a grown man cry for his mother and grumpiness (yes, I am admitting it) are all signs of extreme anemia. I thought I was just having a rough pregnancy! So now I have the pleasure of extra blood work, extra trips to Grand Rapids and this lovely thing called Iron Infusions that I have done through an IV. Can anyone say good times??
In addition to that I am taking extra iron supplements and trying to eat food rich in Iron. A friend of mine dropped off liver and onions for a meal tonight for our family (liver is high in iron). You can bet the kids wouldn't touch it, but I did, and was thankful for it:). Speaking of friends I need to say a BIG thank you to my friend Carly who is like a second mom to my kids and has had them way more than she probably wants lately. Thanks Carly and see you AGAIN tomorrow!!!

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chodgkiss said...

Your so welcome, Jess. I love them like my own too!