Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Home

We have been in our house for one entire year. The time has flown by. I never in a million years thought that I would be able to live in the country and have a house like the one we live in. God has richly, ubundantly and beyond measure blessed us. We have made many sacrifices along the way to get here, and it was a long road, but one that was worth taking. We knew that in order for us to be able to build a house we were going to have to do some major saving and cheap living. Shawn came up with the idea of getting a used single wide when we first found the property and I thought it was a great idea. It didn't matter to me what I lived in as long as I could be out here in the country and I knew that it was only temporary. When we first moved the 1980's pink trailer onto this property we certainly raised some eyebrows. I am sure some friends and family members thought we had finally completely turned nuts. I had to endure a lot of trailer jokes for the two years we lived in it and tried to be a good sport about it. I have to admit that it was embarrassing at times and humbling to show people where we lived, but I did my best to make it feel like home and tried to keep it as nice as possible. The "beast" as I liked to refer to it as was not exactly filled with the latest comforts that we take for granted now. The kitchen didn't have an oven or stove top so I had to do all my cooking in a crock pot, on a hot pad or in the microwave. It didn't have a dishwaher and the sink leaked so I had to stuff a rag in it while I did dishes and fill up the sink 2-3 times before I was done. The refigerator was midget size and just a few bags of grocery filled it to the brim. When we moved in, Shiloh was one month old and all the kids had to sleep in the same room, which by the way had a blanket for a door. The bathroom was hilarious, more like the size of a broom closet and the bathtub was DISGUSTING. Wind storms were seriously scary. Our trailer wasn't anchored down to anything, just sitting on some cement blocks and when a bad storm would come the trailer would literally shake. I can remember several storms that I stayed awake praying that our house wouldn't tip over. And the mice. Oh my word. But we had a plan and knew that if we stuck with it, it would all be worth it....and it was!! Today we are happily and thankfully enjoying the home and property of our dreams. Raising our kids in the country and loving every minute of it. God is so good. I honestly think to myself everyday that I love our home.

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chodgkiss said...

So...happy for you & Shawn!! I love your place too:)