Monday, September 19, 2011

Who Is Ready For Fall??

Ahhh, I am happy to announce that we picked the last of our harvest from the garden, with the exception of the pumkins. The kids were so proud of all the corn we picked and the size of some our giant watermelons. I will post pictures of our pumkins when they are done growing. We have a couple whoppers in there!

Here we are with the last of the corn. I didn't realize until after I put the pictures on my computer that Shiloh was holding up the spray bottle. Not sure why she even had that? What a goon.

This watermelon is sooo juicy and tasty. I cut up a couple today and froze some for later use.

After we took the remaining ears of corn off we decorated the house with the stalks. Doesn't it look cute?! I love fall!

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