Thursday, October 20, 2011

School Activities

Part of our weekly school calendar involves going to the library. The kids love this place! We usually leave with two large canvas bags stuffed to the rim with books. Our favorite librarian, Miss Sally, is so great. She always makes time for our family when we come in and will sit down with the kids and read to them or give them special treats.

Every other week Celeste gets a lesson on riding and handling our horse from Miss Cindy. Miss Cindy often comments on how confident Celeste is on a horse. She thinks someday she would like to be a barrel racer. I don't think their is anything Celeste wouldn't try!

Every other week Celeste also takes piano lessons from our friend Miss Ashley. Celeste LOVES Miss Ashley and all that she is teaching her. Celeste loves music and singing and I found out a couple weeks ago she asked our music director at church if she could do a solo. He told her she needed to practice in choir a few more years to get ready for something like that:)


chodgkiss said...

Celeste looks so precious sitting at that piano!! Can't wait for the first time for her to play a special in church!!

Our Family said...

I want to see you do a solo.