Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Humbled By Carrots

My friend and fellow canning buddy Danelle, called last week to let me know she had gotten me some carrots to preserve. I had asked her a few weeks ago to let me know if she came across any at a good price and she finally had. At this point in my pregnancy canning has become out of the question though. The strain it puts on my back is not worth it anymore and the last time I canned something I suffered for the next two days with horrible back pain. I thanked Danelle and told her that as much as I would love to take the carrots, my body is telling me no more canning this year. Without hesitation she told me to bring her some jars and she would can them for me! Danelle has twin five year old boys, works as a Christian school teacher AND is very involved in the RU ministry at church. I KNOW she has to be very busy. I told her I appreciated the offer, but I knew she was very busy and I couldn't have her doing that for me. She flat out insisted and wouldn't take no for an answer!
Sunday morning the back end of my suburban was loaded up with 48 quarts of carrots. If you have never canned before, you probably wouldn't understand how much work would go into something like this. It's a lot.
I titled this post Humbled By Carrots, but in actuality I was humbled by a friend's willingness to do something so nice for me. God has blessed me with some great ladies in my life that are constant blessings and encouragements. I am so thankful for the examples they are and they make me want to strive to be a better friend as well. Love is the sacrificial giving of oneself for the benefit of others without the thought of return. God help me to love more.

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Anonymous said...

Jess I think this shows what kind of person YOU are also! ~Kate