Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jason

Today is my brother Jason's birthday. In honor of his special day I thought I would share a letter he wrote to me while I was away at girl scout camp. I'm guesing that he was in the 2nd grade when this letter was written. I couldn't get the actual letter to scan for some reason, but I did get the pictures he sent to go with the letter. I typed the letter just as he wrote it. This is what the letter said:

Dear Jess,

I miss you all ready. I wish you would come back. I'm getting borad playing with Sarah and Chad but not Lindsey. I'll have to feed the dang dog every day. When we droped you off at camp on the way home dad skind a cats butt with the van tire. Dad wanted me to say how great he is. I hope you have fun at camp. I think Karen's baby is cute don't you? Lindsey was being a real brat after you left. She tride to bite me once. She rote on Sarah's purple and white sweter. She would not stop crying. That made me made. Me and Chad were fighting all the time. Chad drew a picture of Neal. When he was done he said it was the best HA HA.



PS Don't forget to right back.

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