Sunday, January 06, 2008

Date Night!

Its been awhile since Shawn and I had went out of the house without any kids. It was so quiet. I am so used to hearing Celeste talk the entire time we drive anywhere. The girl has the gift of gab:) We went to Red Lobster and ate, thanks to a gift certificate from Shawn's mom. Afterwards we went to the mall and looked around. We went to Gap and Shawn tried on a pair of jeans. He came out of the dressing room laughing and pointed at the ankles of the jeans, which were extremely tapered. As he made a crack about the ugliness of the pants, a male fitting room attendant (who had on the craziest pretty sure he was gay) came walking by wearing the same style pants. Shawn and I got a really good laugh from that. We are definitely 30 and out of style I guess.
After the mall we went and had a romantic dessert :)


Kelly Glupker said...

You guys crack me up. Glad you had fun. Who watched the kids?

Jess said...

I'm glad you find us funny...We know a girl named Crystal that lives here in Ionia. She would watch the kids sometimes on Fridays when we went to RU. We are loosing her this month though, she's leaving January 20th to be a missionary in Africa.