Friday, August 27, 2010

Building Our House

I have been horrible about updating our blog this summer! Our house is about 3 weeks away from being completed. This is the most updated picture I have on my computer. I have a ton of pics on my camera, but I can't seem to find the cord to download them anywhere. We moved out of the trailer two weeks ago so I'm sure its stuck in a box somewhere.
My dad has done an amazing job and I stand in awe at the knowledge he has in building. He has put countless hours in working to make this our dream home and Shawn's dad has spent a ton of time out here too! Many of our friends have came out and volunteered their time to help us work. Several friends from Shawn's job came out and worked on our basement for free and our friend John Snyder came out with his crew and did our roof for free! I can't tell you the hours that my friend Carly has spent with me at Lowes & Menards picking out cabinets, flooring, paint and everything else. We could never have done this without them! What a blessing to have friends and family like the ones we do.

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