Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Canning Beans with Sue

I bought a bushel of beans from the produce auction on Monday and my favorite neighbor Sue came over today to help the kids and I preserve them. Sue is such a sweet lady and I am so thankful God gave me a friend like her. She is a wealth of canning, sewing, cooking, you name it knowledge and has helped me in so many ways.
We sat and cut beans for almost two hours and altogether we came up with 21 quarts of beans, minus the one that broke in the pressure cooker. Not sure what happened there?? It was such a sense of accomplishment to see all the finished jars lined up on my counter and to here the sound of *ping* as each one sealed.

Celeste hard at work chopping.

Shiloh "helping" Sue.

Trevor was a chopping machine!

Shiloh throwing the unwanted parts of the bean to our chickens.



Tammy said...

That's wonderful! I love canning, and it is so much more enjoyable when you have friends to can with.

Our Family said...

We will have to have a canning day together Tammy!