Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Rules

In preparation for the new school year that is FAST approaching I made a list of house rules that we hung in our "classroom". A few of them I copied, some of them the kids and I came up with together. It has already been revised twice as we will think of another rule to add or tweak. Just today at breakfast, Celeste began talking over Trevor and Trevor shot her a look. Then I heard, "We need to add do not interrupt others to our list!".

Our House Rules

*No grumbling. Be thankful.

*Put away what you are using before you get out more.

*Speak in a kind respectful voice; even if you are upset.

*Never hit or hurt others out of anger.

*Never speak ill of others or be a tale bearer (gossip). If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

*Be helpful. Are you a sluggard or an ant?

*Obey right away, without arguing.

*Always tell the truth.

*Remember your manners.

*Use the Bible order. 1)Jesus 2)others 3)you

It's amazing to me how when something is put in writing and hung up (at least for us anyway) that we are more apt to stick to it. Already the kids have referred back to the list when they have done wrong, and it's humbling to admit, but the list has been a little convicting for myself as well. I know that I need to be a right example for my kids. I love that saying "more is caught than taught"!


Meg said...

Can I use these in my classroom? They're great!

Our Family said...

Use away!!