Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trevor's Surprise

One thing I love about Trevor is that he can be so sweet. I think about today when I was looking out the window at him jumping on the trampoline and little Shiloh was trying to climb up and jump with him. I watched as Trevor jumped down from the trampoline, got on his hands and knees and let Shiloh climb on his back so she could jump too. It was one of those mommy moments that my heart felt like it could burst. He is growing up to be a thoughtful boy.
It's fun to do special things for him because he is sincerely thankful. He gets so excited and has the biggest smile. Shawn was able to do something so great for him tonight and I wish you could have seen the look on his face when they got home! He surprised his little side kick with his very own go-cart. We gave it to him as an early birthday present! It needs a little work, but Trevor thinks it is awesome that him and his Daddy are going to work on it together. He was already pointing out the parts to me and what him and Shawn were going to be doing to it this weekend. I love that Shawn takes the time to do things like this with his son. He is a great dad.
As we put Trevor to bed tonight he told us he was going to dream about his go-cart and tomorrow he was going to give his sisters rides. Looking forward to seeing him in action!!

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chodgkiss said...

Oh my, Jess! You can see the excitement in his eyes. How fun!!