Monday, October 17, 2011

Gender Revealed

Most of you know that I did NOT want to know what the gender of our baby was, but a mistake was made by the ultra sound tech and so we "accidentally" found out. I was super bummed about it, and yes even cried. I have been extremely hormonal this pregnancy, and am going to blame it on the anemia. You would probably point your finger and laugh at me if you knew some of the things I have cried about. All I can say is poor, poor Shawn.
Anyway, we were going to keep the gender a secret from everyone else until the baby was born, until my great friend Carly offered to throw a "Gender Reveal Party" for us. I thought it sounded like fun! I had never heard of one before, so they must be fairly new.
Carly put so much work into the party!! The decorations were amazing and the food was yummy too! The girl's even surprised me with a gift card and some cash....totally not expected, but definitely a bonus:) At the end of the party everyone was given a cupcake to bite into. If the frosting in the center was pink it was a girl and if the color was blue it meant boy.

Sorry, I could not get this picture turned. Each guest would write a note to me and hang it on this tree. Too cute!

Do you like the cheesy smile?

I am blessed with some really great friends!

Love this idea!

Here is Shiloh feeding her baby at the party. HA!

The frosting was BLUE!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I have heard of those parties. Therese's SIL is pregnant and that is how she surprised her having a pink/blue center to a generic looking cake. I bet you had a blast at the party! CONGRATS JESS! -Katie

Sarah said...

Carly did such a great job on everything!!! Congratulations on another boy - how special! :)