Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flowers For My Birthday

Last week I celebrated my 33rd birthday. The kids were REALLY excited that I declared no school and we spent the day at the park together eating ice cream. Before the park we went to Ionia Floral where the kids wanted to pick out a gift for me. We all went inside and I explained to the woman working there that the kids wanted to pick out a gift and I asked if she could help them while I waited out in the truck. (They were adamant that I NOT see the gift.) She was so sweet and agreed to help them. The front of the store is all windows, so I could see Celeste, Trevor and Shiloh carefully walking around the store deciding on what to get. As I was waiting outside, the delivery truck driver that brought fresh flowers into the store came out laughing and smiled at me. I smiled back and wondered what he was laughing about?? Shortly after, I went back into the store to get the kids. The woman working was just finishing up wrapping my gift and the kids were proudly smiling and were obviously very pleased with themselves! She handed the gift bag to me and said she had another present that wasn't able to be wrapped. She handed over two pretty bouquets of flowers and said that the delivery driver was so impressed with how sweet the kids were that he GAVE them flowers to give to me in addition to their gift. It totally made my birthday. I love my kids!!!

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Tammy said...

Aww, how sweet!

Happy birthday!!!